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We are a solution provider and a professional manufacturer based in Taiwan with the best quality and stable supply capacity. We have more than 32 years of experience in film & sheet production, excellent company reputation, and famous customers worldwide. 



Intlpak Provides The Best Quality And High Performance Packaging Materials.

The High Performance EVOH, NY Co-extruded High Barrier Films that We Offer Are The Best Packaging Solution For The Protection of The Environment.

Intlpak’s Packaging Materials Has the Best Quality and High Performance
 Intlpak Enterprises Corporation is a professional co-extruded packaging materials manufacturer. We choose the best raw materials in the world, German computer-controlled automated production line, and set up a double-enclosed clean room. The quality of the film is stable and has excellent performance. The advanced and specialised manufacturing capability of Intlpak comes from the co-extrusion technology of DuPont, the world's largest manufacturer, with the most advanced professional technology of multi-layer film, producing high quality and high-performance packaging materials.
EVOH, NY High barrier co-extruded films for environmental protection
 EVOH co-extruded film with PE or PP (EVE, PVP) has high oxygen and odour barrier properties. High barrier films are commonly used in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and skin pack, which are used to package chilled fresh meat and seafood. The high barrier materials by using EVOH, they ensure the highest level of freshness. The use of EVOH co-extruded with PP or PE provides the high barrier performance of conventional plastic films, replacing traditional materials such as aluminium foil and other materials. The use of EVOH co-extruded with PE can achieve a mono material, contributing to environmental recycling and reducing the carbon footprint.
It is worth noting that Intlpak's skin pack has the best stretch and barrier properties and can be applied at lower temperatures without affecting the colour of the meat. It produces low odour during the process and has a gloss finish not found in any other film on the market, which is the best way to enhance the freshness of meat and seafood products. Intlpak's skin pack has the highest puncture resistance in the world, completely eliminating pinholes and air leakage.
Intlpak has the most comprehensive range of NY Series products, including NY/PE co-extruded film, which is currently the leading packaging material for on-line vacuum thermoforming of chilled fresh meat and medical devices. NY/EVOH/PE co-extruded film has excellent high barrier properties and is also the packaging material that can provide the best freshness preservation for oxygen sensitive contents or products that need to be circulated at room temperature for long periods of time. NY/RCPP co-extruded film can be used for in-line vacuum thermoforming packaging and is heat sterilisable at 121℃.

Intlpak's Skin Pack, The Only And The Best Materials in The World.

Our skin pack has the highest puncture resistance in the world, completely eliminating pinholes and air leakage.

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